Aboriginal Dance & Didgeridoo

Diramu Aboriginal Dance and Didgeridoo are an Indigenous Australian educational, entertainment and performance troupe headed by Aboriginal Elder, teacher and artist Walangari Karntawarra (B.A., B.Ed.).

Our work is very informative about Aboriginal Culture, Aboriginal Dance and Aboriginal Art and is highly regarded in the educational, government, corporate and tourism sectors.

Interactive Experiences for Pre-Schools to Corporates

We offer a range of entertaining, interactive, learning experiences about Aboriginal Cultural Education, Aboriginal Dance, Didgeridoo with Aboriginal Performance, all tailored to suit specific audiences, from pre-school to tertiary level and corporate to tourists.

Interactive Aboriginal Cultural Education Options


» Aboriginal Performance, Dance, & Cultural Education

Our interactive Aboriginal performances are specifically designed for your audience. Hear the “Dreamtime” explained; learn to identify animal tracks, Aboriginal bush tucker and medicine, and many other fascinating topics.


» Aboriginal Didgeridoo & Music

Learn about the Aboriginal Didgeridoo and traditional Aboriginal Music.


» Tailored Interactive School Programs with Aboriginal Art, Performance & Cultural Education

Aboriginal Cultural education modules for pre-schoolers to tertiary level students, include Aboriginal Art Classes, Traditional Indigenous dances and games, plus Interactive School Holiday activities.


» Aboriginal Sand Painting

Aboriginal Sand Paintings are a traditional Aboriginal art form, adapted to suit your venue with audience participation.


» Traditional Aboriginal Dance & Didgeridoo Performances

Aboriginal Performances include Welcome Ceremonies, Smoking Ceremonies, Cleansing Ceremonies, Solo Didgeridoo etc.


» Guided Aboriginal Art Tours

“An Aboriginal Artist’s Perspective” in the Yirribana Gallery at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.


» Guided Aboriginal Walking Tours

Guided educational walk around Bondi, exploring the area’s geological & Aboriginal Cultural heritage.

Book an Aboriginal Dance, Performance & Didgeridoo Experience!

Enquiries for solo didgeridoo players, an Aboriginal performance troupe, any of the above Cultural Education options, references and bookings can be made by email at contact@walangari.com.au or via our contact page or by phoning 0414 932 863.