Aboriginal Dreamings & Culture

Painting is a very special expression of ones self. To indulge in a passion as spiritual as the Jukurrpa is (Aboriginal Dreaming) without doubt a most rewarding one. I have experienced many things in life, but what I try to do most is give people an understanding of the Jukurrpa in a way that people can appreciate through knowledge that the Jukurrpa has to offer.

Aboriginal culture is a spiritual culture. It is always important to pay your respects to the land and to honour our Ancestors and Dreaming spirits. It is just as important to pay respect to the living. That law is Caring and Sharing for all peoples.

The Emu is represented by two icons; either by its eggs, or by its tracks.

Sacred Sites Icon

aboriginal icon sacred sites by walangari karntawarra

These icons are contemporary. They are visual descriptions for Sacred Sites.

Creation Dreamtime Icon

aboriginal icon creation dreamtime by walangari karntawarra

The Creation Dreamtime icons are the main concentric circles featured in my works.

Honey Ant Icon

aboriginal icon honey ant by walangari karntawarra

The Honey Ants are a bush food delicacy and are the earthly manifestations of the Seven Sisters.

Old & Young Woman Icons

aboriginal icon old woman by walangari karntawarra
aboriginal icon young woman by walangari karntawarra

It is the responsibility of the older women to pass on ceremonial and practical information to the next generation. Women are represented by a “U” shaped icons beside a coolamon (carrying dish), and a digging stick.

Men & Hunting Icon

aboriginal icon men and hunting by walangari karntawarra

Men are represented by the “U” shaped icons beside his spear, shield, woomera, the hunting boomerang and the fighting boomerang.

Rain Icon

aboriginal icon rain by walangari karntawarra

This is the traditional Rain icon from the Central Desert Region of Australia.

Snake (Male & Female) Icon

aboriginal icon snake (male and female) by walangari karntawarra

The Snake Dreaming is the most Sacred Dreaming. It is the Story of the two Creators, who in the Dreamtime made the mountains, rivers, wind, air and everything. However they too were subjected to the same law that our people were. The Creators broke their own law and were punished. When Yarrapirri tried to take revenge against my people but realised he could not, he cried. The soft rain is Yarrapiri crying.

Walkabout Icon

aboriginal icon walkabout by walangari karntawarra

The footprints represent people going on Walkabout. It is also how we know who is walking in our country, they are like fingerprints.

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