Aboriginal Dreamings and Stories

The images that I paint are spiritual images. I believe that the spirits have blessed me with a gift that I must share. This gift I have is in my paintings. They are fractal images, a representation of Chaos and Order, of Yin and Yang, of Sunrise and Sunset, of Hot and Cold, of Light and Dark, of Young and Old, of Black and White and of Right and Wrong. The colours speak of Rainbow Spirits, Woman and Man. This world and this universe is a living entity. This entity was divided into two, Male and Female.

It is the beginning of chaos, a simple formula yet all encompassing. The two starting points meet at a crossroad. Left for woman and right for man. They are images that transport you back in time and at the same time they entertain and effect the modern mind. The images are not meant to be full representations of sacred cultures, but a baby’s view of the world. Painting each painting is like being inside a mind of a conceptual being as it creates itself with me being the channel, the artist with whom they enter this world.

With each painting comes a Certificate of Authenticity, the complete interpretation of the story, my profile and a photograph of me with the work.

My paintings are available through the galleries listed or directly from me.

aboriginal painting water dreaming 951 by walangari karntawarra

The story for this painting is about the first drop of rain that fell on this earth. This country is very sacred and is also a part of the Snake Dreaming.

Creation country is in the desert of Central Australia.

aboriginal painting snake dreaming 972 by walangari karntawarra

The Snake Dreaming is the most Sacred Dreaming. It is the Story of the two Creators, who in the Dreamtime made the mountains, rivers, wind, air and everything. However they too were subjected to the same law that our people were. The Creators broke their own law and were punished. When Yarrapirri tried to take revenge against my people but realised he could not, he cried. The soft rain is Yarrapiri crying.

aboriginal painting meeting place 962 by walangari karntawarra

The meeting place depicted the story of our Spiritual Ancestors coming together to decide how people should live.

This meeting took place in the Dreamtime. All problems and solutions were discussed for people to experience pain and hardship.

It is from these foundations that our society has been able to cope and carry on with life.

aboriginal painting tjapa witchetty grubs dreaming 971 by walangari karntawarra

Teaching is a very important part of our culture. To pass on traditional knowledge and values is essential for our survival and the well-being of our planet. This painting depicts the beauty of the natural elements and our interwoven connection to the land.

The grandmothers played the key role in teaching our children. This allowed the parents to participate in adult life, to look after the family group and to take care of ceremonial life.

In modern Australia, our people must still live by two laws and two sets of values. In response to the confusion and frustration caused by two codes of behaviour, schools have been set up to educate both parties.

aboriginal painting emu dreaming 972 by walangari karntawarra

The Emu is a very strong spirit. It is the law man. The Emu spirit makes sure that the law is protected.

The Emu is also a staple diet for our old people. The meat is lean and looks like red meat. It is soft for old people and is very high in iron. The fat from the emu is very good for healing the mind. The fat in the meat is very good for old peoples skin and helps them to keep strong and healthy.

aboriginal painting kwatye 951 by walangari karntawarra

The story for this painting is about my connection to the Water Dreaming.

In Creation time the first drop of water fell on my mother’s country, 50km North west of Alice Springs. The Drop created the first water hole, then the first stream, the first river and then the first lake. The first time the rainbow appeared was also in the same place. The water and rain cycles are as a result of my spirit which is called Yarrapirri.

I am a direct descendant of Yarrapirri, and also a direct descendant of the Female Creator Snake which comes also from my mother’s country Uluru (Ayres Rock). I am the owner of a sacred mountain in the Western Desert called Winparrku.

The water Dreaming is represented by many symbols in our culture. The white dots in the centre line are the Milky way.

aboriginal painting seven sisters 962 by walangari karntawarra

The Seven Sisters are all Napaljarris (skin kinship group) and they are all the first-choice wives for Jakamarras (skin kinship group).
The Seven Sisters travelled underground to escape the Jakamarra who was chasing them.

The painting depicts their journeys. The footprints represent all the other skin groups who must follow the law and marry according the skin kinship system.

aboriginal painting emu dreaming 971 by walangari karntawarra

Emu is a powerful Dreaming Spirit associated with the fire ceremony Tjarri Warnpa. The Emu man is seen as the keeper of our law. He is also the caretaker of his chicks and sits on them (the eggs) until they hatch.

aboriginal painting songlines 961 by walangari karntawarra

Songlines are very important as our connections to all things.

Songlines seen in this painting show creation Songlines in the middle (red and Yellow). The Purple Songlines are the ones on the surface and gives us the right to perform publicly. The outer Songlines help us to travel from place to place giving us shelter, food, and protection from harm, both physical and in the spirit world.

Watch this informative video in which Walangari explains his Dreamings and creative process.

Creative Process Video