Aboriginal Art – Paintings for Sale


Current Gallery of Walangari’s Beautiful, Original & Contemporary Aboriginal Art

For over 30 years, Aboriginal artist, elder, educator and performer, Walangari Karntawarra has painted his Dreamtime Stories. These are known in his language as the Jukurrpa. He either inherited the Dreamtime Story or its living custodian has given him permission to paint it. It’s like a copyright.

Award-Winning Legacy & Unique Vision

Walangari is an international award winning artist with a unique style. He is the living custodian of the “Blue Lightning Dreaming” and as such, is the only artist permitted, under traditional Aboriginal law, to depict this Western Desert and Central Desert Jukurrpa.

His direct family line includes the famous Aboriginal Artist and water colourist Albert Namatjira and two of the founding fathers of the Papunya Tula movement, Clifford Possum and Paddy Carroll.

A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

Walangari was one of the first exponents of contemporary Aboriginal Art and over the years has developed a unique and inimitable oeuvre, incorporating the ancient iconography of his Western and Central Desert heritage.

Art with a Story

The paintings for sale are acrylic on quality stretched canvas. Walangari writes the Dreaming Story of each painting on the reverse side where he also signs his work.

Exclusive Signed Prints & Personal Collection

From his private collection, Walangari has also produced a range of signed art prints for sale.

Connect with the Artist

Sales and enquiries, email at contact@walangari.com.au or via our contact page or by phoning 0414 932 863.

Walking Together 123

70 x 100 cm

Jukurrpa 123

122 x 183 cm

My Country 123

91 x 61 cm

Songlines 123

183 x 122 cm

Hunting and Gathering 122

60 x 90 cm

Transformer 122

60 x 50 cm

Songlines 121

152 x 102 cm

Guardian Spirits 121

60 x 90 cm

Milkyway Dreaming 121

184 x 122 cm

Desert Rock Pools 121

168 x 122 cm

Water Dreaming 119

76 x 102 cm

Milkyway Dreaming 118

60 x 90 cm

You may also be interested in watching this informative video in which Walangari explains his creative process and Dreamings.

Creative process video