Creative Process Video

Enjoy learning about Walangari’s creative process and aboriginal Dreamings by watching this informative video!

Walangari’s Dreamings Video Synopsis

Walangari explains his painting process in relation to his Aboriginal Dreamtime and its manifestation in visual & performance art. In particular, he touches on how Dot Paintings are a contemporary presentation of Sand and Rock Paintings, and how the Storylines in his paintings help people from other cultures understand the Aboriginal Dreamtime.

It is fascinating to learn that many of Walangari’s paintings have a genesis in Fractal Geometry and Chaos Theory, and that astronomers have found them to embody the Universe, botanists identify Seeds & Flowers, medical doctors spot Living Cells, and his surfer mates can see Coral Reefs!

You can also appreciate the journey through Walangari’s paintings, from his early days of only using earth colours, to the more recent evolution of using all colours from the rainbow, and the significance of the colour blue.

The video also has some wonderful examples of Walangari playing the Didgeridoo.

“Walangari’s Dreaming”, a film by Deth Hatton, November 2016
Duration: 5 minutes 31 seconds

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