Aboriginal Sand Painting – Indigenous Culture

Utilising my skills as an Aboriginal artist and educator, my Aboriginal Sand Paintings are a dynamic way of explaining my family’s indigenous culture and beliefs.

Drawing from our traditions as indigenous Australian desert people, I am able to convey to the audience our knowledge of the cyclic elements of nature and the spirituality of the Dreamtime during the creative process of Aboriginal Sand Panting.

Creation Sand Painting at Monte

Aboriginal Sand Painting at Qantas Base for NAIDOC 2017

Scaled to suit the venue, these vibrant images in sustainable coloured sand are a popular attraction at festivals, schools, conferences and the like.

students staff university of sydney lidcombe walangari sustainable sand painting

Students and staff at the University of Sydney, Lidcombe campus, help Walangari create a sustainable Aboriginal Sand Painting

Aboriginal Sand Painting – Team Bonding & Audience Participation

This traditional Aboriginal Desert art form encourages team bonding and audience participation. I explain the Aboriginal cultural significance of the patterns and icons as the participants and I create the Sand Painting together.

The completed Aboriginal Sand Painting is exposed to the elements and allowed to gradually fade and return to the earth, in keeping with the concept of impermanence.

Audience participation in this sustainable form of Aboriginal living art is great fun and a delight for people of all ages and a innovative way of facilitating team bonding.

Book an Aboriginal Sand Painting

For further information on how to book an Aboriginal Sand Painting, please contact us by email at contact@walangari.com.au or via our contact page or by phoning 0414 932 863.